All You Wanna Know About Teeth Whitening

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April 4, 2022
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People who come into contact with you notice your smile right away. Here are the top questions to consider if you're thinking about teeth whitening. There are various reasons why the color of your teeth may have changed. It is commonly affected by the meals and beverages you consume.  

Most teeth stains are caused by tea, coffee, or red wine consumption. These drinks include pigments that cling to your tooth enamel. Chemotherapy, high blood pressure medication, antibiotics, and antihistamines are just some of the medicines that might darken your teeth.  

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The Top Three Questions Asked About Teeth Whitening    

What Are the Teeth Whitening Options?     

The safest and fastest option to whiten your teeth is to have them professionally whitened at your dentist's clinic. A high amount of whitening chemicals is utilized under the guidance of your dentist. Your gums are protected from these chemicals because they could be injured if exposed.

Besides professional teeth whitening, you can also use teeth whitening strips and trays. But these are best if done under the dentist's supervision.

How Teeth Whitening Works  

Teeth whitening is a bleaching procedure that uses carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. The staining agents are broken down by an oxidation process.  

Does It Work on All Kinds of Teeth?  

Response to teeth whitening differs depending on the color of discoloration. For instance, if it's yellow, it can easily be bleached. However, purple, gray, or brown tones do not respond well. Moreover, if your discoloration results from drugs or dental damage, whitening solutions may not be effective.  

Are There Teeth Whitening Side Effects?

Teeth sensitivity is the most prevalent negative effect of whitening solutions. Sensitivity occurs when the whitening agent reaches your enamel and disturbs the tooth's nerve. The impact is temporary, and as it wears off, you can perform the treatment again.  

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Where to Get Teeth Whitening?  

Almost all dental clinics offer teeth whitening treatment. But, choosing the right and reputable one may be a challenge. At City Dental of Wellington, we ensure that only quality service is offered. Contact us today!

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