If given a choice between risking a cavity and an unnecessary visit to the dentist or receiving a treatment to prevent tooth decay altogether for years, which would you choose? The choice seems easy, but many patients don’t realize that the option exists in the first place. At City Dental of Wellington, we are proud to protect your oral health with sealant treatments in Wellington, FL.

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What are Dental Sealants?

Sealants are a preventative treatment that utilizes a coating of composite resin to create a protective layer over your teeth. You can think of sealants as a plastic raincoat that keeps away the bacteria and acids that could wear away at your enamel.

Why Do I Need Dental Sealants if I Brush My Teeth Every Day?

Good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining your teeth in optimal condition. But even if you brush after every meal, your teeth have intricate grooves in which food and bacteria can collect and fester. This is especially true for children as they have a higher propensity for developing cavities. Sealants solve this issue by creating a layer of protection that keeps out all the harmful substances that could harm your teeth over time.

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

  • Avoid cavities
  • Save money on future dental bills
  • Improve your overall dental health

When do you place sealants?

When it comes to dental health, preventive care is key. That’s one reason why dental sealants are such a popular option for many people. These thin, plastic coatings are applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth, creating a protective barrier that seals out bacteria and prevents cavities from taking hold. For kids between the ages of 6 and 11, sealants can be especially helpful. Studies have shown that children without sealants are three times more likely to develop tooth decay than those who’ve had them applied. Even better, sealants are typically a less expensive option than other dental treatments, making them accessible for many families. However, it’s important to note that sealants aren’t appropriate for everyone. If your teeth have already had fillings or crowns, or if they are only partially erupted, sealants may not be the right choice for you.

Is it ok to use sealants on my child's teeth?

As a parent or caregiver, it can be distressing to learn that dental cavities are one of the most common chronic conditions among children and teens. Left untreated, cavities can lead to pain, infection, and even difficulty eating, speaking, and learning. That is why it is crucial to take preventative measures, such as having sealants put in place. Sealants are often a misunderstood and underutilized tool when it comes to protecting our children’s teeth. They are a reliable and affordable way to ensure that the oral health of your child is protected for years to come.

Will Fluoride affect my child’s sealants?

Sealants and fluoride are two preventive measures that work together to keep your child's teeth healthy and cavity-free. Sealants are a protective shield that keep food and germs out of the grooves in the back teeth, which can be difficult to reach with a toothbrush. On the other hand, fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay. While there is no evidence to suggest that fluoride will negatively affect sealants, it is recommended that your child waits at least 30 minutes after receiving sealants before brushing with fluoride toothpaste. With both of these measures in place, your child can enjoy a healthy and vibrant smile for years to come.

Prevention is Always the Best Medicine. Start with Dental Sealants in Wellington.

Keep your teeth healthy for years to come with our effective preventative treatments. Our team at City Dental of Wellington will always put your oral health first. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about your options!

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