Teeth in a Day®

The only thing worse than being self-conscious about an incomplete smile is having to wait to find a solution. Every day that goes by can feel like another reminder that your smile is not what it once was. But what if you could have a solution in just one day? At City Dental of Wellington, we are proud to offer a fast solution to edentulism with Teeth in a Day® in Wellington.

Middle aged couple smiling after receiving teeth in a day in Wellington.

What are Teeth in a Day®?

Teeth in a Day® is a procedure designed to provide a replacement for missing teeth in a single visit. This process uses dental implant supported dentures that can be attached during the same procedure.

Traditionally, similar restorative procedures required several visits – one to place the implant, then a waiting period until the dentures were complete. Teeth in a Day® treatments use an immediate removable denture that will serve as your prosthetic teeth while your final restoration is complete. This means you do not have to spend a single more day without teeth.

Are Teeth in a Day® Right for Me?

Teeth in a Day® are the ideal restoration for anyone suffering with edentulism (missing teeth). So long as you have a healthy jawbone and no not suffer from a health condition that would prevent you from undergoing a minor surgical procedure, you can take advantage of Teeth in a Day®.

What are the Benefits of Teeth in a Day®?

  • Improve your appearance
  • Don’t wait for a complete restoration
  • Speak and eat normally again

Don’t Spend One More Day Without Smiling with Teeth in a Day® in Wellington, FL!

The road to a complete smile does not have to be long and time-consuming. Call City Dental of Wellington today and learn more about our same-day restorations!

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