Dental Care: What’s True and What Isn’t?

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February 7, 2022
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There is a lot of information on family dentistry regarding how to properly care for your teeth. Unfortunately, a lot of it is incorrect or deceptive. Every day, new advancements in healthcare occur, and signals are occasionally mixed up. Other dental lore has been passed down through the ancestors for many years. Let’s set the record straight. Some dental myths and misunderstandings are listed below.

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Myths Debunked

Brushing Harder Equals Cleaner Teeth

Your teeth aren't like a dirty tile that requires a lot of scrubbing to become thoroughly clean. Brushing your teeth too forcefully can result in tooth enamel damage. As a result, the likelihood of getting cavities increases. Brushing too hard irritates your gums, which can lead to other oral health problems.

Teeth That Are White Indicate Good Health

Who doesn't want a set of pearly whites? But keep in mind that the health of your teeth isn't determined by how white they appear. Other signs can alert dentists to the presence of oral problems or the need for additional tooth treatments.

Cavities Are Caused by Sugar Consumption

While sugar does play a role in the development of cavities, it is not the only source of the problem. The bacteria, rather than the sugar, consumes it. Bacteria flourish on and around teeth when you eat sticky foods which contain carbohydrates.

These bacteria create an acidic substance that contributes to tooth decay. Reduce acid and plaque buildup by rinsing and brushing after meals.

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Are You Looking for a Family Dentistry Nearby?

The City Dental of Wellington is just one appointment away if you need additional information about good oral care for you and your family. We can't blame anyone for the dental myths we grew up with. We only need to contact a trusted dentist to rid our minds of these notions.

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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Pirzada's dental career started at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with an accelerated dual undergraduate and dental program. He then pursued further training with an oral surgery internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, focusing on complex odontogenic infections and dental surgeries. His post-graduate education continued with an oral surgery fellowship at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

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