FAQs of Dental Veneers 

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March 9, 2022
a smiling patients shows off her new dental veneers

Artists and celebs seem to have it all, yet they often invest money and time to achieve that perfect look. Zac Efron, Meghan Markle, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Watsons are just a few of the many celebrities who have veneers. If you’re also planning to get yours, below are the frequently asked questions about this cosmetic dental treatment.  

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Dental Veneer Q and A’s  

What Are Veneers?  

They are thin shells that are placed candidly on your teeth to hide flaws and give you a more attractive smile. Some patients just require one or two veneers, while others choose to have a full set placed on all visible teeth. However, even if you only have a single veneer, it can significantly improve your appearance.  

Are Veneers Permanent?  

Yes, they are permanent. Dental veneers are intended to remain in place and cannot be removed whenever you like. If one breaks, wears out, or loosens, you’ll be advised to have it changed.  

How Long Do Teeth Veneers Last?  

The average lifespan of veneers depends on the material used. For instant veneers, they normally last five to eight years. Composite veneers last for at least three years, while porcelain veneers have an average lifespan of 11 to 15 years. Although they are synthetic teeth and are not susceptible to discoloration, proper care and maintenance are required to prolong their lifespan.  

a patient looks in the mirror while choosing the right shade for her veneers 

Expand Your Knowledge on Veneers!  

At City Dental of Wellington, we are glad to offer extensive care with a gentle touch. Our experienced and engaging staff are ready to help you achieve that healthy and gorgeous smile. Talk to our experts!

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City Dental of Wellington is proud to offer comprehensive care with a gentle touch. Our experienced and personable staff is ready to help you achieve a healthy smile.