How Painful Is Tooth Extraction?

Published date:
October 3, 2022

The kind and size of the teeth that need to undergo extractions affect how much discomfort and pain a patient may feel after the procedure. Nonetheless, if you have an experienced and skilled dentist, you should only feel some minor pressure during the procedure.

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What Will You Experience Before and After a Tooth Extraction?  

During Tooth Extraction  

Your dentist will review the procedure beforehand to know what to expect. You'll experience pressure and movement throughout the extraction. It will feel more like pushing and wiggling than pulling.  

The common sensations you can anticipate during the extraction procedure are as follows:  

  • To prevent pain during the extraction, your dentist will numb your gums. At this point, you will feel the pinch of the needle.  
  • Although it shouldn't be mistaken for pain, the back-and-forth pressure required to loosen your tooth until it can be removed will be felt by you.  

Besides those mentioned above, you shouldn't anticipate discomfort during your procedure—most patients don't experience any pain. However, a small proportion of people do. Once you experience pain, your dentist can take measures to alleviate it.  

How Are Discomfort and Pain Lessened?  

  • Sedation and local anesthetic  

High-quality local anesthetic and sedatives ensure the slightest discomfort during your tooth extraction. There are different sedatives available, such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide), which, while it doesn't lessen pain, may help you unwind.  

  • Medications That Reduce Pain  

It helps if the patient has pain relief medicine in their system about an hour or two before they come in for any dental operation that could include pain, whether a tooth extraction or a problematic dental filling.  

teeth extractions procedure

Do You Need Dental Extractions?  

If you have discomfort following a tooth extraction, kindly contact us. Typically, you should be fine a week or so later. Over time, the pain should lessen rather than intensify. However, if you still experience pain or severe discomfort, you may have an infection. Immediately contact your dentist so it can be treated before it gets worse.

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