What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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December 21, 2021

Most patients feel better about how their smile looks after a full mouth reconstruction. However, its effects depend on the individual treatment goals of every patient. The most commonly reported benefits include improved smiles, the ability of patients to eat as they wish, healthier teeth, and management of periodontal disease symptoms. If you want to know more about this dental treatment, please feel free to read on.

illustration of a full mouth reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction and Its Benefits

What Is It?  

Because it involves more than a single dental operation, this technique is referred to as a full mouth reconstruction. It requires the services of a general or cosmetic dentist. They'll be doing a variety of treatments in your mouth to make it look perfect and function effectively.  

Dental veneers, tooth extractions, dental implants, fillings, bridges, crowns, and other procedures are commonly used in this all-encompassing treatment. Your gums will be repaired and maintained as part of the full mouth reconstruction treatment to effectively promote total oral health in all aspects.  

Procedures Included  

  • Bone grafts may be called for to increase the strength of the jawbone so that dental implants can be placed.  
  • Orthodontic treatment may also be required to move the teeth to their proper position for optimal appearance.  
  • Your dentist will also recommend adding veneer placement to create an attractive look on your teeth.


Aside from restoring your beautiful smile, a full mouth restoration can treat periodontal disease. When this dental disease progresses to periodontitis, it can lead to deep gum pockets, gum recession, discolored gums, and jawbone deficiency - all of which put your teeth at risk of falling out.  

Moreso, this awesome treatment can solve dental functional problems, such as difficulty eating or chewing. Patients who suffer from tooth damage and severe tooth loss may find it more challenging to eat. This often leads to only eating soft foods and mostly avoiding certain pressure-sensitive areas of the mouth. Although these precautions are always encouraged, patients with fully restored teeth are essentially free to eat whatever they want.  

X-ray of a full mouth reconstruction

Are You Wondering Where You Can a Get Full Mouth Reconstruction?  

At City Dental of Wellington, we have the restorative options you need to enjoy a healthy smile. Never shy away from opportunities that can change your smile for the better! Send us your inquiries about any dental concerns you have in mind.

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