What is a Root Canal?

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September 6, 2022

No dental operation has a more infamous reputation in popular culture than the dreaded root canal. For most people with dental anxiety, who equate it with pain, the mere thought can feel like torture. Everyone has heard horror stories about getting this dental treatment, but are root canals really that bad?  

The good news is that root canals hurt less than you’ve been led to believe. Understanding what a root canal actually is should help calm your fears about this now painless surgery if you're worried about getting one.  

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Knowing a Root Canal in Just a Few Minutes  

What Is a Root Canal?  

It is the pulp-filled space in the tooth's root that houses blood vessels and nerves. Endodontic therapy may be required if this portion becomes infected or irritated. Root canal therapy is carried out by a dentist or endodontist. It involves the removal of the affected tissue to stop the infection's spread and preserve the original tooth.  

What Are the Symptoms?  

  • Cracked or Chipped Tooth  

Bacteria can appear and cause an infection if you have fractured or chipped your teeth by chewing on something hard, in a sport, or an accident. Even if the tooth is simply injured and doesn't break or chip, there is still a possibility that the nerves are affected to the point where you'll need root canal therapy.  

  • Sensitivity to Hot and Cold  

Your dentist may require you to get a root canal if you experience tooth pain when consuming hot or cold beverages or foods. If you have sensitive teeth, you will definitely experience sharp pain or a dull discomfort that lasts for several hours, even after you have stopped drinking or eating. The nerves in your tooth may be injured or diseased if you experience sensitivity to heat or cold.  

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Inquire More About Root Canals  

At City Dental of Wellington, we have been providing safe and nearly painless root canal treatments. Your dental treatment will be treated more quickly the sooner we diagnose it. Call us!

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